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Cash loans

Sometimes emergencies or extra outgoings can put you under pressure. Other times you might need help to support a long-term project. Whatever your situation, our cash loans could offer a quick and easy way to cover it subject to affordability.

You can apply online for between £100 and £5,000 and choose from 3 to 48 months to pay it back, depending on how much you borrow. Read on to learn more about how quick cash loans work, whether they could be right for you, and how to apply with Dot Dot Loans.

What are cash loans?

A cash loan is simply an amount of money that you borrow from a lender and repay, plus interest, within an agreed timeframe. With short-term cash loans, this could be anywhere from a few months up to one year. Long-term loan repayments are usually spread over several years.

The amount people borrow and how long they choose to pay it back usually depends on what they need it for. Small short-term loans are commonly used to cover unexpected costs or temporary drops in income, for example. Larger long-term loans can come in handy for expensive purchases or significant life events.

You can get most cash loans online and on the high street. The time and effort it takes to apply and hear back varies from loan to loan and lender to lender. With Dot Dot, you could apply online and have the funds in your bank account the same day you're approved, depending on how much you borrow.

Why might I need a cash loan?

More and more of us are using cash loans according to UK Finance data. From the planned to the unplanned, they could help you cover a wide range of events and expenses.

This could include emergencies such as: boiler breakdowns, car repairs or vet bills. A short-term cash loan could also help you out when several costs mount up at once - like insurance renewals and school trips – which may leave you coming up short.

Whatever your priorities, a quick cash lender like Dot Dot Loans can help you tackle them head on.

How do Dot Dot's cash loans work?

All our loans are simple, straightforward and convenient. You don't need to offer your home or other valuables as security or find a guarantor. Simply choose how much you want to borrow using our short-term loan calculator or long-term loan calculator.

We offer short-term cash loans of £100 to £1,000 with repayments of three, six or nine months, and long-term loans of £1,500 to £5,000 spread over 18, 24, 36 or 48 months subject to affordability.

Both our loan calculators will show what your loan will cost before you apply. We'll never add any extra fees or hidden charges on top. From here you can fill out our short application form.

You'll get a decision based on your credit history, income and outgoings. We'll always try to offer you a loan that you can realistically afford and collect your repayments automatically to save you the hassle.

You'll also be able to manage everything online through our customer portal. Simple.

Why choose Dot Dot Loans?

Whatever the financial emergency, if you’re considering a loan, it's important to choose a lender you can trust.

Dot Dot is part of one of the UK's largest finance companies, Morses Club PLC, set up over 130 years ago. We're here to help people like you get the loans they need without the hassle and risk they might experience elsewhere.

Here's why we could be perfect for you:

  • Quick and easy: Apply online in minutes without needing a guarantor. Depending on how much you want to borrow, you could have your loan the same day if we say yes
  • Flexible: Borrow between £100 and £5,000 with fixed repayment terms of 3 to 48 months. You can also repay early at no extra cost
  • Honest: We'll show you how much everything costs upfront and never charge you extras like late payment fees
  • Responsible: Here at Dot Dot, we aim to practise responsible lending. This means that we will always conduct an affordability check as part of your loan application, which not only helps us but benefits you as it provides reassurance that you will be able to manage your loan.
  • Recommended: Don't just take our word for it. Our customers rate us as 'excellent' on the independent review website Trustpilot

We're a direct lender too, not a broker, so you'll always know who you're dealing with. No surprises. Just quick and easy cash loans.

Is a cash loan right for me?

It's important to be sure that taking out a loan is the right thing to do.

Think about the type of loan you're applying for and why you're doing it. With a shorter loan, your repayments could be higher because you're repaying what you owe quicker. With long-term loans you can borrow more but will be committed to making repayments for longer. Which suits you better?

It's rarely a good idea to use a quick cash loan to pay off any debt you already have. If you're already struggling and have been doing for a while, another loan is unlikely to make things easier.

If you have money worries you can get free debt advice from National Debtline, StepChange or The Money Advice Service.

Do I qualify?

You can apply for one of our cash loans today if:

  • You're over 18 years of age for a short-term loan, or over 21 for a long-term loan
  • You live in the UK and can give address details
  • You're currently working
  • You've got a valid email address and phone number
  • You can give us bank account and debit card details

Like all lenders, we have our own criteria which we use to decide whether we can give you a loan. We don't expect you to have a perfect credit score and will look at your income and outgoings too to make sure we lend responsibly.

How much cash can I borrow?

We offer cash loans online from £100 to £5,000. Which should be enough to cover life's emergencies or build a better future.

How do repayments work?

You can spread the repayments of our short-term cash loans over three, six or nine months depending on how much you borrow. Our long-term options are available over 18, 24, 36 or 48 months.

We'll set up automatic repayments through Direct Debit to save you doing it yourself each month. You can also speak to us about setting up a different payment method if you'd prefer.

We'll try to offer you a loan that's manageable based on your realistic budget. But life gets in the way sometimes and things can change.

If you're worried you might fall behind or miss a payment, get in touch with us as early as possible. Our team will chat through your options and can help create a new repayment plan.

We'll never charge you a late payment fee, but missing payments could bring down your credit score. This might make it harder to get other types of credit in the future.

Are there any fees with Dot Dot cash loans?

We never charge extra fees on any of our loans. Some lenders will punish you for things like making late payments. We don't believe it should be that way.

You'll know all your loan costs before you agree to go ahead, and they'll never change.

What's the interest rate?

The interest rate on our cash loans is fixed upfront and will vary depending on the amount you borrow and the term you choose to repay it.

Taking out a fixed-rate loan rather than a variable-interest loan means you'll know exactly how much to budget for every month.

Applying for a cash loan online

Do you need a loan to make it through an expensive month? Are there long-term goals you need help to reach? Our quick and easy loans could be the answer. The process is simple too.

Apply for a cash loan today using our calculators for short-term or long-term loans. Here you can decide the amount you borrow and how to spread your repayments. You'll then see an estimate of all your costs based on the loan you've chosen.

Once you're happy with how it all looks, select 'apply now' to continue to our short application form. We'll get in touch soon after to let you know what's next.

It's normal to have extra questions. If you do, head to our FAQs or contact our friendly team.

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