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Using the Loan Calculator

Using the Loan Calculator

Applying for a loan can be daunting. You have to think about the present – like how much you need to borrow and what you need the loan for, but also the future – like how you’re going to pay it back, how much you can afford, how long for etc. It can be a bit of a minefield, so we’ve made sure that our loan calculator allows you to see, at a glance, how much our loans cost , because being clear about not just what you want, but also what you can afford is essential.

Why are loan calculators useful?

Here at Dot Dot Loans, we are upfront about our loans and give you the facts. We’re transparent about what we offer and we don’t charge late fees or have any hidden costs. As responsible lenders we make it clear from the start exactly what you’ll need to pay back and when. Our loan calculator helps us to do this, we think it’s a handy little tool which might be useful for you if you’re considering taking out a loan with us – here’s how it works.

How does our loan calculator work?

Our loan calculator is simple to use and shows you the complete cost of all the loans we offer. You’ll see the repayment amounts and lengths, as well as the interest and APR for each loan, so you can find the option that is right for you. So, if you want a loan which you can pay back over a year you can see the amount you’ll repay each month over 12 months, or you can see how much it would be to repay the same amount over 6 months.

You just need to select if you’re a new customer or an existing customer (who might be able to borrow a little more, subject to checks) and then move the sliders to whatever amount you’d like to borrow and for how long. You’ll see the repayment and costs change for each option, so you can make sure the loan will work for you.

Why not try out our loan calculator today to find out if a Dot Dot Loan is right for you.

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