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Top tips for dating apps

Top tips for dating apps

Valentine’s Day is over for another year – and if you’re determined to be happily coupled up next year then this is a post for you.

Dating apps and websites are the modern day cupids and if you’re looking for love, they’re a great place to start. Here are some tips on how to make the most of dating apps – whether you’re a novice or an old hat at it.

Be Confident

You can be fairly sure that most people you meet via dating apps are also looking to meet someone – so use this to your advantage and be confident.   Swipe right, send a message, introduce yourself – whatever your platform of choice don’t be afraid to make the first move.  You have the luxury of being able to approach likeminded people without actually having to walk over to them - so even if they ignore you or say no thanks, you can remain cool and collected.  No more embarrassing knockbacks (well – less embarrassing knockbacks anyway…) Tip - make sure you’re coming across as confident not cocky.  There’s a line – don’t cross it.

Think about what works for you?

Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Match - there are so many dating apps around at the moment that it’s pretty overwhelming.    Chances are that if you’re single you’re probably active on a whole load of them and wondering why none of them are working. So, think about which you like best; which allow you to share more of your own interests or connect based on other peoples.  Which apps have you met the most likeminded people on before? By focusing your time and energy on just one or two apps you’ll hopefully enjoy the process more – it’s supposed to be fun, remember?

Be honest

OK so this is obvious and you’ve probably had this rammed down your throat from every friend/family member/person you’ve passed in the street, but it’s so important to be honest.  This covers lots of bases – be honest about your interests (don’t say you’re a keen hiker if you’re not – you’ll end up looking like an idiot) your looks (no you can’t use a photo that’s 10 years old, no matter how tanned you might look in it) and most importantly be honest about what you’re looking for.  You don’t want to date someone who’s looking for marriage if you’re not sure that’s what you’re after and it’ll save you a lot of awkward conversations if you’re honest about this from the start.  It’s the oldest piece of advice out there, but it’s often overlooked.

Step away from the screen

Dating apps are so popular because they make it easier to meet people.  Key word there is meet; don’t get so wrapped in in talking to people online that you forget you actually need to meet them in person.  It’s easy to get so blinded by all the swiping and messaging that you forget what you’re doing it for, so if you’ve been chatting to someone for a while and you like them, suggest meeting up.  It’s the only real way to tell if there’s a connection or if you actually like each other.  You don’t need to meet everyone you talk to but if you feel like there could be something to it then take the plunge – it’s scary but it’s all about bringing people together.

Have you got any top dating tips to share?

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