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The Most Memorable and Controversial Moments in Super Bowl History

The Most Memorable and Controversial Moments in Super Bowl History

The Most Memorable and Controversial Moments in Super Bowl History

It’s almost that one day of the year that seemingly all sports fans in the UK become interested in American Football, whether they’ve not watched since the previous year – here’s a chance to get to grip with the rules in our NFL infographic - or they’re rabid fans of the NFL. Either way, it’s hard to argue that the Super Bowl isn’t one of sport’s greatest annual events. The spectacle of it all is quite unlike many British sports, and with it has come many memorable and controversial moments over the years. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

Super Bowl LI: Patriots’ Record-Breaking Comeback

We only have to roll back to last year’s game to remember what is arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all time. The New England Patriots at one point trailed the Atlanta Falcons by 28-3, but through a herculean effort managed to come back and win the game in overtime. It was the biggest comeback ever, and the only Super Bowl to be decided in overtime. It is sure to go down in history.

Super Bowl LI.gif

Super Bowl XL: The Most Controversial Game Ever

Few things anger fans as much as controversial officiating, and Super Bowl XL, which saw the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 in 2006 is widely considered to be one of the worst. There were at least three calls in the game that were seen to be suspect, and a lot of decisions appeared to go against the Seahawks. In an ESPN poll, more than 60% of viewers believed that "officiating mistakes affected the outcome of Super Bowl XL." Even the ref Bill Leavy has admitted that his poor decisions affected the game.

Katy Perry’s Sharkgate

To this day no-one really knows what happened during the 2015 Super Bowl half-time show. While Katy was performing the single ‘Teenage Dream’, she became overshadowed by the incredibly hilarious acts of a certain dancing shark behind her. With his out of time dad dancing and complete lapse of rhythm one can only assume that an insect must have infiltrated his suit. This performance was the most memorable display that evening despite the excellent final between the Patriots and the Seahawks.

Katy Perry’s Sharkgate.gif

Janet Jackson Flashes the World

This one is a little controversial, was it Janet’s fault or was it Justin Timberlake to blame? As the pair performed Timberlake’s classic ‘Rock Your Body’ things got a little steamy, what started with some rather crude dance moves ended with JT ripping the dress off Janet! America was appalled, beginning a morale and legal argument that spanned coast to coast. The biggest losers of this controversy were the overshadowed Carolina Panthers who had made their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

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