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The Best Alternate Christmas Movies to Watch this Festive Season

The Best Alternate Christmas Movies to Watch this Festive Season
p>We’ve all been there, in those lazy days after Christmas scrolling through the TV Guide looking for something new to watch. Whilst the festive season is a great time to chill in your pyjamas and watch some of your old favourite Christmas movies, all the spare time means that it’s also a great opportunity to watch a few new films too.

If you’ve had enough of re-watching those Christmas classics whilst eating the left-over Quality Streets, here’s our guide to the best alternative Christmas movies to watch this year:

Bad Santa

This miserable and bitter Santa Claus is here to rip you off this Christmas. A lonely alcoholic conman (Billy Bob Thornton) and his sidekick (Tony Cox) make it their mission to dress up as a Bad Santa and his little helper so they can rob as many department stores as possible on Christmas Eve. Their problems start when they run into a troubled kid who needs their help and the fun really starts. Will the bad Santa end up in jail this Christmas? Watch this raucous tale to find out - hilarity ensured.

Deck the Halls

A hilarious festive comedy that’s bound to light up your Christmas, Deck the Halls is a must watch alternative Christmas movie. We’ve all seen the neighbours who compete with each other to put on the biggest Christmas lights display but, in this movie, Danny DeVito’s character aims especially high with the hope to get his display seen from space. Steve (Matthew Broderick), the neighbourhood’s token Christmas enthusiast welcomes a battle of the lights which definitely lacks the traditional type of Christmas spirit.

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Jingle All the Way

One that’s great to pop on if you’ve got the family coming around but don’t want to sit through another round of Elf or The Grinch is Jingle All the Way. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a desperate parent who wants to impress his son this Christmas, this is a kid friendly comedy that adults will love too. From appearing on a radio show, to dressing up as a gigantic superhero, he does everything he can to get his hands on the must-have toy of the year with plenty of hiccups along the way. A race against time sees events get more hectic as Arnie pulls out all the stops to get a Turbo Man figurine in time for the big day.

By following our guide to alternative Christmas movies, you’ll be sure to find a whole host of festive films you’ve never thought of watching before and be able to skip that Love Actually re-run for another year - phew!

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