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Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving isn’t something we celebrate over here in the UK. The day is of historical significance in America, but at its roots is about celebration and giving thanks with loved ones – and of course there’s the traditional turkey dinner. 

That got us thinking, who doesn’t want to squeeze another dinner in before Christmas, have another excuse to get together with friends and family, and be thankful for what they have? Here are some key things to make for a Thanksgiving dinner.

As with Christmas, traditionally Turkey is the main event.  People might pre-order their Christmas turkeys months in advance but it’s unlikely you’ve done this for thanksgiving.  Don’t panic – most supermarkets do frozen turkey crowns which will do a great job, and hey, at least your Christmas Turkey can still take centre stage.  Just remember to take your frozen crown out in plenty of time so you’re not attempting to defrost on the day.

We might love our roast potatoes with Christmas dinner, but for Thanksgiving, one popular potato dish is sweet potatoes with marshmallows.  Yep, you heard correctly. It might seem crazy but try to keep an open mind; it’s rich in flavour and the marshmallows add some oozy sweetness which works really well.  You can find a recipe here and if you’re really not sold on the marshmallows, just do sweet potato mash. 

Another slightly ‘out there’ side dish (for us Brits at least) is green bean casserole.  There are various recipes to choose from – here is one example - however the basic premise is green beans cooked in a creamy sauce with the addition of bacon and other veggies if desired. Yes, you can just do plain green beans, but this does take it up a notch and why not mix up the side dishes to make your Thanksgiving dinner totally different to your Christmas dinner.

Stuffing is a big part of thanksgiving dinner, just like it is with Christmas.  With stuffing, you don’t have to go crazy and can use your normal sage and onion stuffing mix, but there are some slightly wilder and delicious looking stuffing recipes out there – take a look at these.  Who knows? You might like them so much that they’ll replace the Paxo mix…

We’ve covered the main course – now onto dessert (if you’ve got any room left).  Let’s stick with a fairly traditional menu, and go with pumpkin pie – not something we eat much in the UK but again, another big favourite in America.  You can buy pumpkin pie filling in cans (thankfully) so you don’t need to regret throwing your Halloween pumpkins away – but if you want to make it all from scratch, here is a recipe.

So, what do you think – will you be giving a thanksgiving dinner a go this year? Don’t forget, just like Christmas, you’ll have lots of leftovers so check out our guide on what to do with them.

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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