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Take on 2019

Take on 2019

It’s time to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in a new year, with fresh challenges and new opportunities. New year’s resolutions are a good motivator to try and get fitter, healthier and happier for 2019, so we’ve asked a few of our favourite bloggers for some inspiration and guidance on how they’ll be approaching their goals as well as some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Being a better me - Crummy Mummy

Looking back at the past year and seeing a new one laid out ahead of you can make you think about what you’d like to do differently. Although resolutions can be tricky things to get right, since one slip up can feel like a failure, choosing some goals can set you up with a positive frame of mind. Learning something new is a good one, since it can be anything from picking up photography to playing the piano. Giving something a go that you’ve wanted to try is a great way to start off the year!

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Food for thought - Of Beauty & Nothingness

Switching to a healthier diet is always a popular goal, and covers anything from eating less sweets to changing your food habits completely. There are lots of little things you can do to eat better which will add up over time, and it’s all about finding the ones that work for you that you’ll stick with. Changing up your carb choice can go a long way, as can swapping out snacking on crisps to chomping on carrot sticks. It doesn’t matter whether it’s little changes or one big change, so long as you can stick to it and keep eating a balanced diet.

Taking care of you - A Mum's Review

Although it’s tempting to focus on physical goals for your new year’s resolution, focusing on your mental health can be a rewarding way to help reduce stress and be healthier in other ways. Aiming for a calmer 2019 might sound like an odd goal, but it can have some fantastic benefits. Making sure you get enough sleep at night will leave you feeling refreshed during the day and ready to take on the challenges of day to day life.

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Fingers crossed these tips will make finding your resolution for 2019 a bit easier, and good luck!

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