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Summer Holiday Hacks

Summer Holiday Hacks

Summer holiday season is firmly upon us for another year. Whether you’ve already booked your summer getaway, or you’re browsing for a good deal, here are a few hacks to help stop unnecessary spending. After all, who doesn’t want a little extra to add to the holiday fund?

Book smart…

You can start to save before you’ve even booked your holiday. Rather than booking directly through an airline, check out flight comparison websites like Skyscanner, they’ll give you a range of options and you could save yourself a few pounds. If you’re after a package holiday sites like Expedia and lasminute.com do some good deals - especially when they’ve got flash sales on.

Hydration Station…

Us Brits aren’t generally used to hot weather - this summer being a notable exception – so it’s important for us to stay cool and hydrated when abroad. It can be tempting to buy bottles of water each day while you’re away, but not only is this bad for the environment it can end up costing you a fair bit. Invest in a smart water bottle you can refill and take with you wherever you go – just make sure it’s empty when you go through airport security and you check with the hotel that the water is OK to drink. Thanks to shows like Love Island a water bottle is now a pretty hot summer accessory; it won’t break the bank and you’ll save yourself a few quid to put towards more exciting holiday drinks.

Planning makes perfect…

Pre-booking activities might not provide the spontaneous lets-see-where-the-vibe-takes-us kind of holiday, but if there are tours or activities you desperately want to do, it’s worth it. Often you’ll save a couple of quid buying advance tickets online, but mainly you’ll save yourself the disappointment of missing out or the frustration of spending hours of your holiday queuing. If there are a few things you want to do – you might be able to get a pass that includes all of them, so do your research.

Tactical Toiletries…

Take things like sun cream, shower gel, shampoo and other essentials with you to avoid buying them airport or when you get there – generally, you’ll pay more if you end up doing this. If you’re only taking hand luggage save money on buying lots of mini toiletries by buying a set of small plastic bottles like these and decanting your shampoo etc. before you go. You might spend the same amount initially but you’ll save with each trip you take.

The most important meal of the day…

Who doesn’t love a hotel buffet breakfast? If you’ve booked a hotel with breakfast included, make sure you go to town and fill yourself up first thing – you’ve paid for it after all. You’ll spend less on food throughout the day if you have a good breakfast to keep you going, so it’s worth looking for hotels that include this in the price.

A few extra tips:

  • Let your bank know you’ll be away to avoid cards getting blocked unnecessarily
  • If you’re a student – make the most of any discounts you’re eligible for
  • Pre-book airport parking so there’s no nasty extra surprises on the day

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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