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Retro Toys

Retro Toys

Every other TV advert at the minute seems to be for toys - and is it just us or are they just not what they used to be? Paw patrol and Frozen might dominate the top of the gift lists for plenty of kids these days, but let’s have a look at some of the toys that were popular back in the day.  Did you own any of these??


Tamagotchi’s (for those of you that didn’t have one) were handheld digital pets.  You had to keep them alive by cleaning them, playing with them, feeding them – they were genuinely time consuming and if yours got sick or died there it caused actual devastation.  They were massive back in the 90s – you’d have been hard pushed to find a classroom where someone wasn’t sneakily feeding their Tamagotchi keep them alive until playtime.  



Parents might not have been quite so keen on these noisy toys but kids loved them and there’s no denying that Furbies were a must-have toy when they were released back in the late 90s. They were strange looking furry robots that resembled a cross between a gerbil and an owl – in every colour you can think of.  They spoke a language called “furbish” but were programmed to slowly start speaking English as time went on.  Mainly though, they were just noisy, squeaky and a tad annoying – what’s not to love?

Nintendo Game Boy

Ahhh the Nintendo Game Boy – if you didn’t waste hours of your life on one of these then were you even around in the 90s? Released in the late 80s and massively popular through the 90s and beyond, the first model was a solid brick of black and white gaming goodness.  It might not have had a patch on today’s graphics but it was no less addictive with games like Super Mario, Tetris and Pokemon available…good times.

 *Googles where to buy an original Gameboy and says goodbye to social life*

Nintendo Game Boy.gif


Probably the most old school toy on the list, the yoyo has been a popular toy for decades.  In the late 90s however there was resurgence in popularity with “cooler” models emerging that were flashy, plastic and lit up.  Yoyo battles were common in playgrounds across the country with people seeing who could do the best tricks (remember “Walk the dog” and “Rock the baby” anyone?) and many a playtime was ruined by a knotted yoyo string.

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