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Popular Holiday Destinations for 2019

Popular Holiday Destinations for 2019

Finding a good deal when you’re looking for a break can be a minefield, at Dot Dot we know the importance of finding a great deal without breaking the bank. As a responsible lender our loans are designed for necessary expenses, not holidays or other luxuries, that’s why we’ve found some great destinations for 2019 that are budget friendly to help you get away.

We're almost half way through 2019 and it's certainly getting to the time of year when we're all in need of a well-earned break to recharge. If you've started to look at destinations for you or your family holiday, but you don't want to spend a fortune, read on to find holiday ideas which could be a good option.

There are a number of money saving tactics that can help you select the best budget destination for you. Flexibility when travelling can be an excellent way of stretching your budget, not being set on a specific date can bring great savings especially if your happy to travel outside of a weekend or during unsociable hours. You could also check the prices of other airports or ways to travel that could be cheaper.

Check the overall cost of your bargain break, cheap flights can look appealing, but hotels and spending money can soar. Equally sometimes paying a little more for a flight can pay off, if the price of hotels and costs while you're there are low, meaning you could save more overall.

It can be helpful to look at current exchange rates to see which locations will help stretch your pounds the furthest while you're away. With exchange rates changing on a daily basis there are a number of apps and websites that give you real time updates to help you select a destination, or where you can get the best rates for your spending money.

Keep an open mind and don't assume a destination is cheap, or expensive, if it has a reputation for being so. Prices can vary over a few years if they become more popular or because the local economy strengthens. Equally, prices can drop over time if places decrease in popularity so it's worth checking current prices.

Finally, make sure that you research the hotel and area thoroughly. If you're going for a lower cost option, it's good to check real traveller reviews to make sure the hotel or accommodation is as described and your holiday isn't going to end up more stressful. Do your research and be always be aware that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Having said all that, we've done some research to find five fantastic budget destinations. From beach breaks to city scenes, read on to discover some of our favourite holiday's destination for less in 2019.

Lisbon, Portugal - Average Holiday Cost £285

Lisbon is a superb option for those looking to travel on a budget while still enjoying epic architecture and delicious food. Its eventful history ensures it's a hub for culture and there's an endless list of things to see and do that won't break the bank. If it's an affordable city break you're after, look no further than Lisbon.

Mallorca, Spain – Average Holiday Cost £303

Mallorca is an old faithful for British tourists and still offers all the sun and sea you need at a reasonable cost. Mallorca can offer something for everyone such as wild nights in Magaluf, family friendly beaches in Alcudia, or the cultural excursions in Palma. Mallorca is very popular and therefore if you're trying to avoid crowds try and avoid the school holidays.

Corfu, Greece – Average Holiday Cost £411

There's nothing like being on the beach and looking out onto a beautiful mountainous landscape. Corfu has a lot to offer visitors with your beautiful beach experiences and amazing culture. The island is steeped in Greek history with ancient ruins and monuments to visit. Corfu also has great weather which offers guests consistent high temperatures even outside of the summer months.

Dalaman, Turkey - Average Holiday Cost £426

There's nothing to get you into the holiday spirit more than a beautiful Turkish beach. Why not visit the distinct landscapes and valleys or see them from a hot air balloon or simply soak up the sun? Whether you want to tick something off your bucket list or simply catch a tan, Turkey is one of the most affordable destinations. You can grab a bargain holiday by visiting in the springtime and avoiding the tourist season that typically runs from June to September.

Cancun, Mexico – Average Holiday Cost £748

Further afar Cancun is about as good as it gets when it comes to beach breaks and for those in search of some sun, there's still some surprising offers to be had. Cancun offers beautiful beaches, family friendly resorts and bargain cocktails. The end of October or November is an ideal time to travel as you miss the peak tourist season, this falls outside the rainy season so you can be sure to get great weather too. With lots of affordable activities, you are sure to have a trip to remember, not to mention delicious food. After all, who doesn't love Mexican food!

So there you have it, our pick of five budget destinations that will have you going back for more.

Prices based on average package holidays departing from London, Manchester and Newcastle using www.expedia.co.uk/, www.tui.co.uk/ and www.icelolly.com/ to provide a UK average. Prices taken May 2019.

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