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Movember is a lot of fun! With the chance to either marvel at your co-workers’ magnificent attempts or feel embarrassment at your best friend’s feeble growth, it really can make or break a gentleman’s look. One thing to remember throughout the itchy fur on your face and all the laughs is that it is a great awareness campaign for men’s health which aims to prevent premature death in men.  With all this in mind, here are a few of our favourite Movember looks which you may end up rocking this month to help make a difference.


Throughout the rest of the year you can be forgiven for thinking that goatees have been reserved for middle aged men attempting to spruce up their look now they’re entering a different stage of life, however this couldn’t be further from the truth! With movie stars such as Brad Pitt and sports icons such as Rafa Benitez goating up this really can be one of the easiest looks to pull of this month.

Magnum PI

If you ask your parents who springs to mind when you think of moustaches it will be difficult for many to think past Tom Selleck. Now most of us might have been too young to experience the 80’s but a quick google search will only too soon show you the Magnum PI look will be a great look this Movember. Just remember, this one can be tough to pull off without crossing into Borat territory.

Magnum PI.gif


In the late 1800’s this would have been part of your daily look! With slick handlebars down your face you really could consider yourself an affluent gentleman, however today this look is strictly for hipsters only. This look can be a little tougher to pull off with celebrities such as John Travolta and Daniel Craig growing them in recent years, but it may help you release the inner cool we know you have.


To the untrained eye a horseshoe moustache can disguise itself as a simple handlebar but you couldn’t be more wrong! When growing facial hair, creativity is king and the horseshoe was developed by shaping facial hair into a U unlike the stricter lines of the handlebar. The prime example of this is none other Hulk Hogan.


The “Attempt”

Movember can be difficult for some guys, for those that can’t grow a moustache it can be a tough test of your masculinity but don’t give up! The whole idea of Movember is to show your support to men who are struggling so grow what you can and wear it with pride. A great advocate of this style can be found all of the celebrity world, from actor Michael Cera or Arctic Monkey Alex Turner.

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