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iPhone 8 release - what you need to know

iPhone 8 release - what you need to know

Unless you’ve been avoiding all news for the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard that Apple is releasing a new iPhone.  Two, to be exact - the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X to commemorate 10 years since the iPhones release in 2007.

Here is our rundown of some of the fancy features of the new models – which one would you choose?

iPhone 8

After months of buzz, the facts have been confirmed and we know what to expect from the iPhone 8. 

It’s an all-glass design made from the most durable glass yet on a smart phone - handy for when you inevitably drop it.  It comes in the usual space grey, silver and gold finishes, for if you’re feeling fancy.

It’s water and dust resistant (again, handy for drops) and is the first model to support wireless charging - you heard correctly, the future is here! However, if you want to use the wireless charging feature, you need to buy a separate wireless charging mat. 

There’s also a more advanced 12 MP camera which has a larger, faster sensor and plenty of other features to make your pictures sharper and clearer.

In addition they’ve improved the power efficiency and have claimed that the A11 bionic chip is the most powerful and smartest ever in a smartphone. 

It’s expected to come with a price tag of around £700, so it’s a big purchase, but apple has something of a cult following, so there’s no doubt this will get people excited.

Iphone X

This is the big one - the phone that’s reportedly going to cost over £1000.  For that money, you’d expect some fancy features, and it’s certainly got those.

Due to be released at the end of October, this phone has an all screen design - a 5.8 inch super retina screen to be exact - and is designed so everything is an immersive experience.

Just like the iPhone 8 the glass is the most durable that has ever been used on a smartphone and the phone is also made with surgical grade stainless steel – might sound intense but what would you expect from a £1000 phone?

It’s also water and dust resistant and supports wireless charging and features the A11 bionic chip and the improved camera, so you’re getting all the best features of the iPhone 8, with a few exciting extras.

The feature everyone is getting very excited about is Face ID.  Unlocking your phone using a passcode is old news – your face becomes your password and allows you to unlock your screen and even use apple pay.  Face ID needs to be set up, but is simple to use and is a pretty extraordinary feature.

This is a very quick round-up of the features of the new iPhones but there is loads more information on the Apple website if you want to find out more.

Will you be getting one?

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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