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Five alternative ways of keeping fit in the new year

Five alternative ways of keeping fit in the new year

If you’re one of the thousands of people that will task themselves with some sort of New Year fitness resolution, then you might want a little bit of inspiration. After all, is the prospect of going back to the gym all that exciting, if you don’t already? If you are, then you’re in luck - we’ve come up with five alternative ideas that’ll have you motivated in no time.


Let’s start with an attention-grabber - mixed martial arts. This all-action combat sport is increasing in popularity every year, and not just among people who like to kick back with a beer and watch a pay-per-view. Establishments from pro MMA gyms to council-run leisure centres now run training sessions for all abilities. And if you’re not too keen on actually having a fight with someone, there are plenty of fat burning MMA workouts and sessions that you can get involved in that don’t involve any contact at all. 

Find out where you can take up MMA here.


While it’s probably going to be a little bit too cold in the early months of the new year to get outside and try scaling your local climbing haunts, there are now plenty of indoor options up and down the country, ranging from pop-ups to fully kitted-out climbing centres. And what do you get out of it? There’s nothing like the sense of achievement when you get to the top of a wall that you’ve just conquered, and after a few weeks and months, you’ll start to develop enviable forearms.

Click here to see where your nearest climbing wall is.


If you’re looking for an exercise that doesn’t really look or feel like exercise, then trampolining might just be it. We’re not saying that it’s not hard work - because you’ll certainly feel it in your core the next morning - but it is just so much fun. Again, leisure centres and gyms are increasing their offering in this department, but actual trampolining centres are now very much a thing. You can go and mess around for an hour or two, or take a class that’ll show you how to pull off moves.



Whether you’re already a local 5-a-side legend, or your footballing prowess extends only to your FIFA abilities, futsal could be the new sport for you. This 5-person team sport is much like football, but is played on a much smaller court, usually inside, and with a smaller, harder ball. Perfect for winter, and the focus is primarily on skill and technique - you don’t need to be super fit.


Did you know we actually have dodgeball leagues in the UK? Far from being a sport seen usually in American teen movies, most major cities here have a dodgeball club, and they’re just crying out for more people to get involved. What could be more fun than running around a court throwing balls at a group of other people? It’s fast paced, great for cardio, and you’ll develop an amazing throwing arm in no time.


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