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First Aid Life Hacks

First Aid Life Hacks

Getting injured or ill is not fun when you live alone. We all need someone to run out for medicine or make chicken soup while you lie there feeling sorry for yourself. Fear not, we’ve looked far and wide to bring you a few handy hacks to help you out when you’re ill or injured.

1. Stock your medicine

Sounds obvious but how many times have you assumed you’ve got something when you haven’t?  In a drawer, box or pile keep a stash of everyday medicine like tissues, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and flu tablets. Yes it’s simple, but it saves you having to leave the house when you really don’t want to, whether it’s a bug picked up from work or a self-inflicted hangover.

The NHS website has a list of things they’d recommend having in your medicine cabinet (or draw full of random stuff as it’s more likely to be)  take a look here and stock up!

2. Make friends with your neighbours

As brits we might not be the best at making small talk – but knowing your neighbours can really help you out in a first aid crisis. After all, they’re the nearest people to you and will generally be able to get to you pretty quickly.   Imagine you’ve cut yourself and haven’t got any plasters, or – in hopefully much less likely circumstances – if you fall over and can’t get up, being able to call your neighbour for a helping hand might make all the difference. Go on now…ask them round for a cuppa.

3. Keep people informed

OK, so we know that one of the main reasons for moving out is not to have to rely on your family…but it’s always best to let them know if you’re doing any major household activities so they can check on you if necessary.  Things like decorating or going into the loft are common times injuries occur at home. If your family haven’t heard from you by an arranged time, they can check you’re OK – so no matter if you fall off a ladder, trap your hand or even get stuck in the loft (good one) you know you should be OK.

 4. There’s an app for that

It’s official – there literally is an app for everything. The Red Cross have a first aid app that gives advice on what to do in lots of different situations – from minor burns right up to much more serious scenarios. Hopefully you won’t need to use it much (or at all, fingers crossed) but having a wealth of information at the touch of a button might just come in handy one day.

5.  Eat all the carbs (sometimes)

There’s nothing worse than having an upset stomach, particularly if there’s no one there to wait on you hand and foot/nurse you back to health.  It might be the last thing you want to do but trying to eat small amounts when you’ve got a bad stomach is important, and the NHS recommends that you try and eat plain foods like bread or pasta.  That’s right – for once, you are encouraged to eat carbs – the beige food bashing that often goes on doesn’t apply here.  They’re generally cupboard staples so you should have them to hand - but if you generally avoid them remember, they have their place sometimes!

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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