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Eurovision – the ultimate party guide

Eurovision – the ultimate party guide

May 12 is an important date to mark in your calendar for 2018. No it’s not the Royal wedding, the World Cup or Wimbledon – it’s the final of the Eurovision song contest.

Opinions might be divided on whether it’s one of the best nights of the year, or one of the worst – but it’s a great excuse to throw a party. Here are our tips on how to throw the ultimate Eurovision party.


First things’ first, you need a good soundtrack. By “good” we obviously mean songs that are cheesy, poppy and channel the spirit of Eurovision. Yes the TV will be on and yes, you’ll want to watch and critique each act (just us?) but there’s a lot of talking that goes on between each performance and the scoring portion of the evening takes ages – you need some music to keep people in the party mood. Be sure to include some previous UK Eurovision entries on your playlist – the cheesier the better. Bucks Fizz anyone?


Food and drink

Eurovision is a celebration of different cultures, so the food and drink on offer at your party should reflect that. Don’t just go for the usual crisps and dip – mix it up and throw in some food and drinks from other countries. Think cheese from France, German sausages, Danish pastries…the list goes on. The same principle applies to drink too – the wider the array, the better. To keep costs down you could always assign your guests a country each and ask them to bring something – some countries might be more of a challenge than others (looking at you Azerbaijan).


If there is one night of the year to be as flamboyant and crazy as possible with your outfit, it’s when Eurovision is on. See if you can coax your guests into a pair of flares and a ruffled blouse ala Eurovision’s gone by, or assign everyone a country to come dressed as. You might be surprised at just how creative people get – to encourage some friendly rivalry, throw in a prize for best (read: worst) dressed.

Finishing touches

In recent years, plenty of businesses have cottoned on to the fact that people get quite in to Eurovision. That means that there are now some pretty amazing decorations and games that you can buy - think inflatable microphones, flags, your own scoring cards…the list goes on. If you really want to commit to the party theme take a look here at the type of things you can buy. If you want to keep it a bit more low key then the BBC have also put together some free downloadable party packs and there are plenty of games you can find online (drinking and otherwise).

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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