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E3 2018: What We Can Expect

E3 2018: What We Can Expect

E3 isn’t far away, and the rumour mill is grinding away. Some are almost dead certs, and some are frankly insane. We’re going to keep things more grounded here however and go through the things that we can realistically expect come June 12th. Here’s what the big publishers have in store for us.

Nintendo have already told us what they’re doing at E3 - mostly. There’s going to be presentation on the first day, and then the ‘Nintendo Treehouse’ will show us upcoming games and new content for existing titles over the following days. This will most likely focus heavily around the Switch, with everyone hoping for more detail on Super Smash Bros Switch and Pokemon Switch, both of which have already been teased. 


Things are likely to be mostly predictable from EA. The sports franchises will take centre stage - FIFA and Madden most notably. Battlefield 5 will be available for demo. Anthem is probably the most exciting title EA is guaranteed to cover, which was announced at E3 last year. This new Bioware RPG, set in an apocalyptic world in which humans shelter in a giant walled city from monsters, is sure to excite.

We’re expecting Microsoft to capitalise on the stunning 4K graphics provided by the Xbox One X, but we don’t know much for certain at this stage, which could bode well. At the top of our lists would be a Halo 6 reveal, and there’s also a chance that we’ll have mention of a new entry in the Fable series.

Sony have quite a bit in the pipeline at the moment. There aren’t any major titles that we’re guaranteed to see at E3, but there’s a Spider-Man game coming for PS4, along with The Last of Us Part 2. If we’re lucky, there’ll be some Kingdom Hearts 3 demos, along with more about Call of Duty Black Ops 4.


We never know quite what to expect from Bethesda, but year in, year out there’s always the hope of a new Elder Scrolls instalment. Their teaser trailer for the event features characters from their most famous titles, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. ‘Create something special’ is the theme - could that be an allusion to one of their open world games?

Square Enix is the last publisher that has an officially announced press conference at E3, on June 11. Final Fantasy 16 would of course be the dream announcement for most, but it’s unlikely at this stage. New content for 15 is entirely possible. Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been announced and is likely to demo.

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