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Cost of the World Cup

Cost of the World Cup

With the 21st World Cup Finals being held in Russia this summer we thought we’d take a look at what its going to cost fans back home to watch the tournament in the UK.

With fans having to budget for various supplies, such as a replica shirt, food, and of course, beer for almost five weeks, the price really can really creep up with fans set to spend up to £1,058 on average! But here at Dot Dot Loans we’ve gone even further to find out which city will pay the most in comparison to their income and also what alternatively could we spend the money on?

Our research has revealed that the residents of Portsmouth are likely to spend the most during this summer’s tournament with the predicted average spend of £1,252 or the equivalent of 47.4% of a fans wage. 

6 Expensive Table.png

If fans are searching for value, then Coventry is the city to visit! The average spend in the West Midlands city will only account for 29.1% of a resident’s wage or £817 giving it the title of most cost-effective location. 

9 Cheapest Table.png

One interesting finding that questions one of the UK’s oldest myths around costs in London. The capital is regarded as the most expensive city in the UK, however, Londoners are expected to spend around 38.9 percent of the average wage in the city over the course of tournament.

For those who aren’t interested in the tournament, it’s also good to see what cash you might have saved the same average amount of money per fan can be spent on. For the music buffs among us, you could discover new artists for 8 years and 9 months on Spotify, or if you’re more inclined to catch up on a new series of movie you could renew your Netflix subscription for 11 years!

1 Full Infographic.png


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