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Comfort food for cold weather

Comfort food for cold weather

It’s dark earlier, the temperature has dropped and the big coats have come out – it’s officially time to let the summer body we’ve all been at least been attempting to keep be replaced by the winter body (about time). That can only mean one thing – comfort food!

Let’s have a look at some oh-so-tasty recipes to keep you happy throughout the colder months (WARNING: look away now if you don’t enjoy carbs).

Loaded baked potatoes

The simple baked potato can be one of the best comfort foods going – but only if you do it properly.  Sure you can have them with chilli or beans, but for a real hit of flavour we like the idea of fully loaded potatoes  complete with sour cream, cheese, chives and bacon.  They’re creamy, stodgy and filling, everything you want from a comfort food.  There are plenty of recipes online but we like this one, which explains why each step in the preparation of this masterpiece is important.

Beer mac n cheese

Are you sensing a theme yet? Cheese seems to play an important role in a lot of these dishes…which is why we love the look of this beer mac n cheese from BBC Good Food.  It’s simple, satisfying and best of all it doesn’t involve a thousand ingredients. Beer gives the dish a different edge and let’s face it – why wouldn’t you want to bring two of the best things in life together?


Sliders are great – especially if you have people coming over for dinner and want something relatively easy to cook that will taste great.  They work for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can really make them as naughty or as nice as you like (as we’re talking about comfort food, we’d recommend naughty).  This brilliant video from Tasty shows you how to make 4 different types of sliders…now excuse us while we run off to buy all the ingredients immediately!

Chocolate croissant bread and butter budding

Yep – you heard right – chocolate, bread and butter pudding AND croissants in one recipe, what’s not to like? This dessert looks sweet, comforting and moreish and we can’t wait to get stuck in.  Unlike a lot of deserts it also looks pretty simple to make – whisk things together, layer them up and cook. Serving with cream is optional but hey, you only live once…

Are there any delicious dishes that always warm you up? 

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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