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Christmas Party Fails

Christmas Party Fails

Whether you love or hate your work Christmas party, you’ve got to be tactical with your behaviour during the festivities; your boss is still your boss and the photocopier isn’t your Snapchat story. With that in mind, we want to teach you the difference between becoming a social butterfly or a HR case waiting to happen.   

Work is Over 

First and foremost it’s Christmas, please do not talk about work. No one cares how Steve in finance didn’t forecast your budget, or Karen in HR sends too many emails! This is your chance to sell yourself as the individual you are. Channelling your inner Bond is key, so pop on those shiny shoes and really show your colleagues that you’re the person they aspire to be with your suave stories and intellectual hobbies (even if you might be exaggerating ever so slightly). 

Work is Over.gif

Don’t Get Too Festive 

Just because you have an open bar, doesn’t mean you have to abuse that right. You aren’t the best singer, dancer or looker in the room, however five Sambuca’s and a bottle of red may make you think otherwise. So before you become the fool of the office and have 6 months’ worth of embarrassment around your colleagues by passing out in a manger, think before you sink! 

It’s Not a Nightclub 

The greatest rule you’ll remember at the party is that you’ll have to see these people on Monday morning. No one cares if your favourite RnB jam is playing, it is not acceptable to twerk! And if your work crush is looking particularly great that evening, speak to them like a regular human being; this is not the time to be bold. Walk away my friend, walk away. 

It’s Not a Nightclub.gif

Notable Mentions

  • Stealing isn’t funny
  • Don’t bring your other half 
  • Don’t over eat like an animal 
  • Make sure your jokes are politically correct
  • Don’t gossip about colleagues 

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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