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Bottomless Brunch or Afternoon Tea with a Twist

Bottomless Brunch or Afternoon Tea with a Twist

Two English classics that make the perfect food for entertaining your mates, whether you’re planning an afternoon round town, or a night out. Loads of trendy restaurants and cafes offer bottomless brunch or afternoon tea these days, and here are a few suggestions for making things a little more interesting.


What’s better than bottomless brunch? Well that would be eating your favourite brunch foods and drinking fizz whilst belting out a 90s boyband classic! Several karaoke bars across the UK are beginning to jump on the bandwagon, with the Lucky Voice chain leading the way. They offer free access to fancy dress and a professional glitter artist as part of the package, making this truly a once in a life time experience.


Traveling Tea

Often customers are looking for a unique experience when going for afternoon tea or bottomless brunch and no one does this better than B Bakery. This very much follows the traditional route with customers enjoying unlimited tea and a selection of sandwiches, cakes and pastries, however, you’re also going to see London like never before! Whilst enjoying the treats you’ll be traveling on a Routemaster bus seeing sights such as Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Big Ben! Perfect for someone new to London.

Geordie Afternoon Tea

Cucumber sandwiches can get boring pretty fast so why not take some inspiration from the North. Several independent pubs and restaurants in Newcastle have taken us back to the days of school dinners that will certainly have you reminiscing, with foods such as crisp sandwiches, potato smiles, crispy pancakes, spaghetti hoops, cakes, pick n mix and flying saucers on offer. This can all be washed down with a cuppa or if you’re trying to act like the locals a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale.

Geordie Afternoon Tea.gif


Bottomless brunch or afternoon tea is in the eye of the beholder. You can host your own variation on these experiences with any theme! So, whatever you’re into whether it’s murder mystery, Eurovision, the Oscars or the Premier League its your call. Following a theme can provide the best experience so matching your food and drink is key. For a cost-effective method why not ask guests to contribute towards the refreshments?

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