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Best TV bromances

Best TV bromances

July 30th is international friendship day – a reason, if there ever was one, to get together with your friends and have some fun. To celebrate, we’re looking at some of the best bromances on TV. There are so many to choose from – who are your favourites?

Joey and Chandler

Friends is an iconic show and pretty much every character is great, but these guys are two of the favourites. Often-out-of-work actor Joey who’s a hit with the ladies and no one-knows-what-his-job is Chandler who’s, well, less of a hit – roommates, best friends and generally hilarious. Some of their common interest include Baywatch, the Chick and the Duck, the Barker Loungers – so many funny moments between them that make them arguably one of the best bromances of all time. Altogether now….I’ll be there for youuuuuuuu…. 

Joey and Chandler.gif

JD and Turk

We promise some of our choices are going less than 10 years old – but no list of bromances would be complete without these two. Friends through college right up to becoming a successful surgeon and doctor, they’re as co-dependent and immature as each other – what’s not to love?!

JD and Turk.gif

Bronn and Jamie Lannister

For those of you who aren’t Game of thrones fans this won’t make much sense, but if you know, you know. Originally the friend and companion of Jamie’s younger brother Tyrion, Bronn became Jamie’s right hand man (excuse the pun) later in the show, and their storylines have been joined ever since. They’re about as far from nice to each other as you can get but have a really strong bond. Fun fact, Bronn is played by Jerome Flynn who was part of Robson and Jerome back in the 90s - clearly he loves a strong male duo.

Bronn and Jamie Lannister.gif

Jake Piralta and Charles Boyle

If you’ve never seen Brooklyn 99, we suggest watching it immediately. Seriously – it’s hilarious. Although this pair might seem to have a one-sided relationship sometimes (essentially Charles worshipping Jake) there are plenty of moments that flip this on its head. Even though Jake and Charles are our favourite partnership in the show, there are some seriously strong other candidates – Hitchcock and Scully, Rosa and Amy, Holt and Terry - the list goes on.

Jake Piralta and Charles Boyle.gif

Who are your favourites – did they make the list?

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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