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Best summer buys in winter

Best summer buys in winter

With the gloomy winter months dragging on, we’re definitely ready for a bit of sun.

If you’re already planning ahead for warmer temperatures then it’s a good idea to snap up a few summer essentials now – you might save yourself some money and let’s face it, anything that makes summer seem nearer s no bad thing. 

Here’s a look at a few essential summer items you can get right now.


Here in the UK it sometimes feels like we don’t have much need for sunglasses in the summer let alone the winter, but shops sell them all year round. Sales are everywhere at the moment, with shops trying to get rid of their old stock to make way for the new season stock – so get in early and bag yourself some bargains on sunglasses.  Take a look here for some ideas.


It’s not just coats, shoes and dresses that follow trends - somehow, depending on what’s in fashion, swimming trunks, bikinis and swimming costumes change year to year too.   So, if you don’t mind being in last year’s swimwear on the beach you can get some really good deals at this time of year, often being able to snap up two or three bits for the same cost that one would have been full price.  You might find a bigger selection online than in store – here is a good place to start. 

Flip flops

A holiday staple – does anything symbolise going on holiday like buying a new pair of flip flops? They’re not something you see all year round, but shops are starting to get them in now ready for the spring and summer months.  They tend to come in dribs and drabs to start off with, but if you get in quick you can get a couple of pairs ready for the beach before the seasonal price increases take hold. 

Beach Bag

A beach bag isn’t strictly a necessity but somewhere to keep your essentials when you’re relaxing by the beach or at the pool is always a plus.  There are some great online options around at the moment – take a look here for some good ones - but any backpack or bag with a waterproof lining will work just fine.  Remember that as we get more into summer you might have more options, but you’ll also pay steeper prices for the “current season” stock, so by picking something out now you might save a few quid.

Have you seen any other summer essentials available already?

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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