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Best Pancake Trends from Shrove Tuesday

Best Pancake Trends from Shrove Tuesday

Nobody eats them throughout most of the year, but there’s little doubt that your social feeds were flooded with pancake gifs and videos this Shrove Tuesday. It used to be the case that a smooth pan flip and some lemon and sugar were all it took to do well by your friends and family, but in 2018, it takes a little more than that to go viral. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most creative trends and delicious toppings from this year’s Pancake Day.

Pancake Art

If you’ve got a couple of squeezy bottles and a knack for basic art, then you too could try your hand at creating one of these delightful pancake animals or characters. They’re done by squeezing out a couple of different coloured batters, which can be done by adding a bit of cocoa powder or food colouring. As you’ll have seen from the gifs, you have to be quick, and a really good non-stick pan is essential. Start with basic shapes, and you too could work your way up to one of the more extravagant designs. 

Pancake Art.gif

Avocado Pancakes

Yes, the world went avocado mad in 2017. Little surprise then, that avocado pancakes are a thing now. And we’re not talking about chopping up a few bits and throwing them on a normal pancake. Instead, people have actually been mashing up the little green delights and putting them in the batter. It gives the pancake a sort of creaminess - and yes, they go green. The combo works for sweet and savoury toppings.

All American Breakfast

Looking for something a little bit more substantial from your pancake? Try combining it will scrambled eggs, maple syrup and some crispy bacon for that semi-authentic American breakfast. If you’ve not tried the combination before - trust us - it works. You can pick up American-style streaky bacon from most good supermarkets these days. And even if you’re a veggie, the Quorn rashers can be crisped up by cooking them for 20 mins.

All American Breakfast.gif

Three-Course Pancakes

It’s every bit as ridiculous and brilliant as it sounds. Think creatively and you can create an entire three course meal out of pancakes. They really are that versatile. For the starter, we’ve seen people make little blinis and top them with things like smoked salmon and cream cheese. For the main, you can go with any kind of savoury French crepe dish (Google ‘Breton galette’). And of course, for the dessert you can go mad. Nutella, ice-cream, fruit - your only limits are the level of sweetness you can endure.

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