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Best Christmas Jumpers

Best Christmas Jumpers

Love them or hate them, Christmas jumpers are very much a thing now. Whether you’re being pressured into wearing one in the office for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’, or your mum insists she gets a photo of you in one every year, there’s no escape. If you’re going to wear one, you might as well make it a talking point. With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at a few of 2017’s very best alternative choices.

Most Premier League clubs put out at least one jumper each year, and let’s face it - some of them are just awful. Nobody wants a generic festive scene with a random badge sewn on (we’re looking at you Burnley and Brighton), or something that could’ve been made by a nursery group (it’s Leicester). Thankfully, some of them are pretty good, and if you’re a Bournemouth fan, you’re in luck. The Cherries have brought out this frankly sensational ‘CHERRY CHRISTMAS’ jumper that somehow manages to toe the line between cringe and cool.

Do you love Home Alone? Do you also love Harry Potter? Then this weird festive movie mashup is for you! Featuring the famous quote from fictitious film ‘Angels with Even Filthier Souls’ that appears in the second of Kevin McAllister’s yuletide adventures, and finished off with a little reference to JK Rowling’s Wizarding World. This is a jumper for people who simply can’t get enough movie references in their life.

Best Christmas Jumpers  1.gif

Disney have been on a bit of a Star Wars merchandising binge in recent years, which means there’s no shortage of space-opera themed Christmas jumpers. Of all of them, however, this is our favourite, with its almost luminous blue depiction of the Battle of Hoth. The attention to detail is what makes it, with rebel and Empire insignia on each arm, and a little shield generator nestled between the AT-ATs.

If current cultural references are your jam, then Christmas jumpers don’t get much better than this. This delightful sweater features a massive picture of everyone’s favourite fictional wordsmith Big Shaq, sporting a Santa outfit, and surrounded by all the trimmings. Man might not be hot, but you certainly will be in this acrylic masterpiece.

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