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Best Apps for Saving Money

Best Apps for Saving Money

With Christmas long behind us and our finances returning to normal, how can we all start to save some pennies for the remainder of 2019? Most people claim they don’t know how to save money which could lead to debt and potentially result in poor credit however with technology now helping us with money management, it couldn’t be simpler.

With this is in mind, here’s 3 of our favourite apps that will boost your banking and change your mind on managing your finances.


This great app takes your virtual change and creates an online piggybank. When purchasing products that don’t round up to a full pound Moneybox will take the change left over from the purchase and save it for you. With so many of us buying products via online banking or our bank card we often forget about the exact cost. Moneybox will do this for you. Moneybox doesn’t take into consideration your past financial history and therefore anyone, including those with bad credit, can take out an account.

Moneybox does also have the option to invest your money however users can decide if they’re willing to risk their money or simply save it.



Monzo is one of the best apps for organising your money available at present. As an online only bank Monzo’s real-time ability to manage your finance will outclass any traditional high street bank and is simple to use. The app alerts you via text when money is leaving your account meaning you’ll always see every penny you spend! The app also categorises your spending allowing you to set monthly budgets monthly for all your expenditure from transport to takeaways, which can be important as each of us have spending habits that vary.

This can help prevent spending decisions that could result in bad debt, however financial support is available for those with bad debt and poor credit.

Monzo also makes transferring money easy, you can transfer money from account to account without having to share your individual banking details.


If you struggle to know how much you can afford to save or budget a month this app can do that for you. Chip takes an algorithmic look at your current bank account and will figure out how much you can afford to set a side and automatically save the funds in an alternative account. Unlike most apps Chip will look to take small amounts from your account every couple of days rather than taking a large sum at the beginning or end of the month.

With money being taken from your account on a daily basis it could be suggested that the app takes control of your finance, however the app will not take money if your financial situation changes for the worse and you can access the money saved in your account at any time.


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