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An update on our loans

An update on our loans

Here at Dot Dot, we like to keep things fresh and easy to understand, which is why we’ve made a few really simple changes to the loans that we offer. Have a quick read of this blog post to get the low down.

  • Our loans now start at £200, so we could still help you out if you don’t need to borrow a lot
  • Our minimum, 3 month loans, now allow you to borrow between £200 and £400. Perfect if something small catches you out one month and you don’t need long to pay it back.
  • Our 6 month loans, allow new customers to borrow between £300 and £600, for those larger expenses such as car repairs or essential boiler maintenance.
  • New and existing customers alike can apply for our 9 month loans too, which might be useful for those looking for a little bit longer to repay their loan.

We might be able to offer larger loans to people who’ve borrowed from us before. Existing customers can take advantage of our 12 month loans, which allow you to borrow up to £1250, ideal for bigger expenses that you need to pay for over a full year.

Although we’ve changed our loan offerings, the great service Dot Dot provides has remained the same. We’re still transparent in our pricing and there aren’t any hidden fees or charges. We aim to process your application as quickly as possible however we will always conduct affordability checks to ensure the loan is right for you. Loans are funded three times a day on Monday to Friday. If you've applied after 3.30pm, your loan will be funded at the first funding time on the next business day.

If you apply before 9:30am, your loan will be transferred before 11:30am. If you apply before 12pm, your loan will be transferred before 2pm. If you apply before 3:30pm, your loan will be transferred before 5:30pm.


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