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Alternative Christmas Games

Alternative Christmas Games

When you’ve got family over at Christmas, chances are, the games will come out at some point. Whether you’re a family of card-players, board game enthusiasts or charades experts, a good game is a great way to get people in the festive mood (as well as being a healthy outlet for any tension that’s built up over the time you’ve spent together).

Traditional games like Charades and Pictionary are always a winner, but we’re taking a look at some of the best alternative games you might want to try out this year…

Heads Up

This game is really simple to play and so much fun. There’s no “set up” time like some games - all you have to do is download the app (there’s a small fee, but then you have it for as long as you want) and you’re good to go. The basic idea is that one person holds their phone on their head, and the other players have to describe what comes up on screen WITHOUT saying any of the words. There are plenty of categories to choose from – we love the accents one, guaranteed hilarity – and it can be played with just a few people or a huge group. Even your nan will enjoy it -although you might have to show her how to work your phone.

Speak Out

There are lots of varying titles for this game, but the idea is pretty much the same - you read the word or phrase on the card you pick out loud, and people guess what you’re saying. Sounds easy right? Well, not when you have a mouth guard in and can’t close your mouth. Not only does the mouth guard make it hard to speak, the fact you’ll probably be laughing your head off at how you sound doesn’t help either. This a hilarious game, so combining it with family members (particularly older ones) can only make it funnier. Don’t worry, the game comes with several mouth guards so you won’t have to share…find it here.

Sprout Roulette

Opinion is still divided on whether sprouts are an essential part of Christmas dinner – but this game means they will from now on. Three quarters of the sprout shaped truffles are delicious, the others – not so much. Spin the wheel and see whether you’re in luck or not. Good fun anytime of the day, but probably even more so after a couple of glasses of fizz – buy it here

Christmas Bingo

If you’ve got the time to buy yourself a few props, then Christmas Bingo is a great game for the family to play at Christmas – and you can make this as personalised as you like. You can download kid-friendly bingo cards for free online, or buy them for fairly cheaply in stores, like these ones. Make sure you get a few little prizes to wrap up and give out when people get a line or a full card. Alternatively you could create your own Christmas bingo game, and fill the cards with things that are bound to happen throughout the day, like “Dad falls asleep on sofa” or “Auntie Margaret has one too many gins”. Players cross off the things they spot throughout the day and the first one to get them all wins; it’s a longer version, but it’ll be a guaranteed hit with the family, and you’ll probably get bonus points for being so thoughtful and organised.

What are your favorite games to play over the holiday period?

Did we miss anything? Let us know by sharing your tips!

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